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Table of contents for POSER7_SL

  1. Using Poser for Second Life
  2. Animating for SL
  3. Animating with Props
  4. Poser Physics with SL

This is a set of hints for using Poser 7 to build animations for Second Life.
Poser with Two characters


  • I’m not connected with e-Frontier in any way.
  • This is not a Poser or SL tutorial, but a set of hints for starting to use Poser with SL to make animations.
  • The topics here may contain sexual or other explicit language and renderings. This is because the primary use of animations in Second Life is to build sexual animations. If you are not aware of this, then which rock have you been hiding under?
  • I’m not an expert Poser user, but I have used Poser since V4.
  • Maybe you know more than I do about this problem, and if so, I’ll be happy to incorporate your suggestions or updates to this information. Gee if you know more than this, why haven’t you written a book or this information down before? I sure could have used it.

Poser is not perfect. It has limitations, and a bunch of quirks that make it more difficult than it should be to do animations. But that said, at this time I know of no other tool to make animations for SL that can accommodate more than one character. With Poser you can build a whole set of dancing girls – each with a different and choreographed dance moves, or an orgy. So if you want to do animations of characters that behave together, for dancing, or for sex, or anything else, Poser 7 is a reasonable choice.

These comments assume you have installed Poser 7 with all the latest upgrades from the e-frontier website. The upgrades include: Poser7-CH1.zip, Poser7-CU1.zip, Poser7-HS1.zip, Poser7-SR2.zip.

Later in the topic, I will discuss my experience with Poser Physics, a plugin for $40 that can add some interesting effects to your animations.

Poser Setup

There are several things that you should set up as you start to work for Second Life. You may want to build a template file with these settings, and start each animation set from these:

  • Turn off animations for the main camera and any other cameras that you are going to use. It will drive you nuts if you don’t do this.
    Main Camera Animation Off
  • Set your animation time frames to no more than 300 frames and 30fps. These are the settings for SL. You can use fewer than 300 frames, 10 seconds, but no more than 300 frames.
  • User Poser4 Lo Res figures. There is no reason to burden Poser and your computer with Hi Res characters to animate for SL. The Fingers, Face and Head animations are dropped anyway, which you need to watch out for, so there is no reason to animate them. You may want to animate hands to use props, which we will talk about later.
  • Name your figures intelligently so you can keep track of them: In the timeline, and on the screen. If you have several characters of the same sex, then you should color them to avoid confusion. And don’t name them Boy1 and Boy2 and color them red and blue. Name them Boy Red or just Red and Blue. You will need to keep things straight when you export your BVH files and then import those into SL.
    Color your characters

Next we’ll talk about animating the characters.

  1. Comment by Seltzer Lilliehook — May 12, 2008 @ 5:25 am

    When I set a pose for SL. When I look at it in poser I get all kinds of twists and movements I didn’t set. Can you shed any light on this?

  2. Comment by Darrell — May 12, 2008 @ 12:33 pm

    Many of the Built-in poses included with POSER are not clean. They contain twists and other things that are not aesthetic when used for Second Life. I suggest you avoid using any of the built in poses – unless you examine them closely. Some of the poses are so twisted that it is almost impossible to straighten them out to use them for SL.

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