6 November 2009, Darrell @ 4:16 pm

Hi. I’m Sandy Dunewinds a mage in 2Moons.

Sandy Dunewinds in Crespo

Sandy Dunewinds in Crespo

I’m working from level 60 in Crespo – a place of strong monsters. I can kill the monsters with my powerful fire, lightning and ice skills, but they cause a lot of damage, so it takes a lot of pots. Since the skills have long cycle times I need to use several skills rapidly to do damage to the monsters and if I also have to manually trigger pots it’s way to complicated. So I’m trying some Auto Pots. But at first I messed up and purchased pots that were not automatic.

Automatic pots are placed in your F key slots and will automatically trigger themselves the level of HP or MP [ Health or Energy] reaches a lower level.

These auto-pots reduce the keystroke load to allow me to level up more easily. All the other characters have skills that are such that auto pots have not been required, but for this character at this level, auto pots make it possible.

The auto pots are purchased from the Acclaim store for real money. It costs about $2USD for 1000 pots of any of these types. I made a mistake and purchased the manual pots first, so I hope to use those up later.

After working a while in Crespo without auto pots, I hooked up with a level 86 mage who wanted to make a party for the Treasure of Crespo. So together with a level 66 knight, we three headed off across the snow to try the Treasure. The knight and I were able to kill some of the early mobs, but after we met the mobs of Zombies we both died quite quickly. After that I tried to stay back, but got caught once more by the mobs and had to walk back into the dungeon to join the group. After that I stayed well back from the mobs as our leader pressed on into the breach to kill the mobs and bosses. I was able to help though, since twice I passed health pots to our leader to allow her to press on toward the goal. In the 30 minutes of the dungeon, I made up about 25 % toward my next level.

With Auto pots I was working the monsters in Crespo and making some progress. I was able to kill the Kolaigers and the Clays one or two at a time, but if they ganged up more than that I was easily killed even with Auto Pots. After a time I decided that I might be able to make better progress in Castor Cave 2F. After selling off my loot, I TP’d through Loa Castle to Castor Cave and did the run past the Vermouths to the area of Peccare. The beasts were easy to kill using alternating Ice, Lighting and Fire skills.

Lightning Skill

Lightning Skill

For the past couple of weeks, the loot has included health and energy candy that gives a boost for 5 minutes. This can be a great advantage.

All Candied Up

All Candied Up

I hope to be able to continue to work in Castor Cave using the Auto Pots to reach level 68 and my next level of armor. I find that it takes about 500 pots to level up and each 1000 pots costs about $8USD. It is good that the other character types can level easily without the pots and I hope that soon I can move beyond their use.

It took about 500 of Health and Energy pots to level up about 70% to level 61. Assuming that I could progress two levels with 1000 HP and MP pots, which is very optimistic, then it would cost ( 70 levels * $5 = $350 ) to progress to level 140. This is very optimistic based on the progressive nature of leveling. Also it is very expensive compared with the $15 / mo to play World of Warcraft.

May the five gods protect you,

Sandy Dunewinds

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