22 June 2011, Darrell @ 12:06 pm

Cyber War

As I write this we are seeing daily reports of hacking and break-ins to commercial and defense enterprises world wide:

But it seems we are not doing a set of straight forward things that we can do to prepare for and mitigate the impact that cyber war is having on this country. We can start with some simple and comparatively inexpensive steps.


17 February 2008, Darrell @ 10:45 am

Here is a list of products that do not support Vista x64. This is shameful for several reasons:

  1. Vista is the currently shipping OS and x64 is the “Ultimate” expression of that OS.
  2. Vista x64 is the second generation of x64 OSs, so it is hardly brand-new and the requirements for supporting the system are well known
  3. Most medium to high end systems are x64 capable.
  4. Most high end system support as much as 4GB of memory.
  5. One can only make use of 4GB of memory with an x64 edition OS. With an x86 edition one only can address 2.7 or 3.5GB of memory depending on the hardware available. See this Alienware Support post.


6 February 2008, Darrell @ 4:48 pm

When settings files are transferred as part of a program update, it may be interesting to assure that the files are not corrupted, or changed in such a way that the program is compromised. One can do this with XML Signatures.

4 February 2008, Darrell @ 1:52 pm

Trying to build an XML Signing application using the XMLSecurity Library.
Using Visual Studio 2005, and Windows Forms.
And also eventually Ubuntu 7.10 with KDEV. [not started yet]

25 December 2006, Darrell @ 6:11 pm

This tutorial shows you how to set up Secure Email using Outlook Express and a free Digital ID or certificate.

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